Tesuji là gì


Chinese: 手筋 (shŏujīn) Japanese: 手筋 (tesuji) Korean: 맥 or 脈 (Maek)

This article is about skillful play; for the book of the same name by James Davis, see Tesuji the Book

A tesuji 手筋 is a clever play, the best play in a local position, a skillful move, a special tactic. Tesujis come in all forms & shapes, some are more known than others. See good play for other ways of being complimentary. See suji or technique for more.

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Kageyama says "If you want to capture stones, hold up two fingers & say to lớn yourself: "Can I capture with the net?" & "Can I capture with the ladder?""

Net Ladder and Loose Ladder

There are many other capturing tesuji:

Squeeze tesuji Oiotoshi Crane's nest tesuji patting the raccoon's belly


General cases of clever attack. These plays often help to lớn make a capture.

Shortage of liberties Eye stealing tesuji Throw in Driving tesuji


Winning race.

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Under the stones Descent tesuji, Ugly sagari

Making eyes or eye-space

Placement preventing the tower peep

Shortage of Liberties Tesuji

Snapback and double snapback Move one space further with snapback Belly Attachment tesuji Twirl Elbow lock Nameless tesuji Don't throw in tesuji

Tesuji exercises

One Day 1 Problem: A problem each day Gokyo Shumyo Reading Problem 1 by Bill Spight Lucky's Problem Gu Li's Brilliant Moves Tesuji From Games


Encyclopedia of Maek Five Hundred and One Tesuji Problems Fujisawa Tesuji Dictionary Get Strong at Tesuji by Richard Bozulich Jingjiang Weiqi Shoujin attributed lớn Yi Chang-ho Segoe Tesuji Dictionary Tesuji by James Davies Tesuji và Anti-Suji of Go by Sakata Eio Great Tesuji Encyclopedia (手筋大事典) by Nihon Ki-in

See also

Suji: A line of play (way of playing), whether or not good, e.g. Belly attachment Zokusuji: A bad line of play Tsumego: Tesuji are often used khổng lồ solve tsumego. Stupid Moves: In some cases, players just cannot stop themselves và they play anti-sujis, or patently bad moves. Goproblems.com: There are several tesuji problems to lớn be found there. Don"t forget lớn learn the difference between Tesuji & Myoshu Chandelier Shattering Tesuji.

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Aliases (info)Shoujin


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