Cushion là gì từ điển

a bag made of cloth, plastic, or leather that is filled with soft material, often has an attractive cover, và is used especially on chairs for sitting or leaning on:

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a large, usually square bag filled with soft material, used as a movable part of a chair or sofa, for sitting on or resting your back against, or a similar but smaller bag used khổng lồ make yourself more comfortable while sitting:
to soften or protect someone or something from the effects of a fall, moving too quickly into something, sitting or lying on a hard object, etc.:
cushion sb/sth against sth Governments can use fiscal policy khổng lồ cushion the economy against future recessions.

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Earnings expectations are worsening, but interest rates are not expected to fall khổng lồ cushion the blow.
You should aim to lớn build up a cushion of three months" income in your savings account, for emergencies.
There are cushions made out of materials appropriate lớn the nature và technology theme and you can almost shut yourself in.
No specimen showed intimal cushions but little diffuse intimal thickening was present in 10 of 14 cases.
By adding to its rigidity it supports the closing mechanism by the endocardial cushions as long as valves have not yet developed.
Older staff facing structural and technological change in the workplace could bow out " gracefully ", cushioned by lump sum payments and secure pensions.
However, these studies have been conducted on a variety of animal models, and without comparison between the two types of cushions.
A đánh giá of the literature has revealed differential ren expression between the atrio-ventricular & outflow tract cushions.
The majority result from the defective formation và fusion of endocardial cushions, leading to lớn malformation of the septa và valves.
During this meal he dined at a low round table of tinned copper, the sini, và sat on cushions on the floor.
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